Berkeley Unified School District


Resolution No. 67, 137-N.S.

Contract #10146

Expand Berkeley Unified School District's Cooking and Gardening program to reduce the number of students with nutrition related illnesses, especially among African American and Latino students. The program engages all students in preschool through high school with hands-on instructions in science, language art, environment and nutrition education in 17 school gardens, including the Berkeley Technical Academy. Measurable outcomes include: 1) improving access to water; 2) increasing knowledge and awareness of the health risks of consuming sugary drinks; 3) changing preferences for water or other non-sugar added drinks; 4) decreasing consumption of sugary drinks; and 5) increasing family engagement. The program will serve over 7,000 students and their families in Berkeley schools and collaborate with the District Department of Research and Evaluation to evaluate the program's success and challenges. Read more...